572 Simcoe Road



During the mid 1950's, Pietro Ferragine immigrated to Canada to start a new life with his family. He worked hard as a laborer on the marsh to provide his children with a good life. In the early 1960's Pietro and his brother Leonardo purchased a farm on Canal Road in Bradford and started their own company. They called their farming business 'Ferragine Bros.' The business grew as their families did.

Our Retail Location has been open since 1995!

We've been around since The Early 1960's! 

In 1992 an unexpected tragedy occurred when Pietro passed away suddenly due to an accident on the farm. Everyone in the family was grief stricken and the pain took a heavy toll on the company. 1995 was the first year 'Peter Ferragine & Sons' had opened for retail and after 1 year, the sons Tony and Domenic decided to sell the farm and go their separate ways. Peter Ferragine & Sons stayed opened for business as Tony and his wife Christine continued to work hard at the greenhouses.

​When Tony's sons Pietro and Robert were old enough they started coming in to work to help after school and on weekends. In 2008 Peter Ferragine & Sons had a facelift, and is now known to the public as Ferragine Greenhouses. The greenhouses are still family owned and operated at 572 Simcoe Road where they have continued to serve Bradford and surrounding area for over 40 years.

About our company

Around 1980 they changed the business name to 'Ferragine & Sons'. In 1982 the Ferragine brothers decided to part ways and start their own businesses because they wanted to give their children a chance to make a living. Pietro and his sons, Tony and Domenic, had a farm located on the 10th Line in Bradford, as well as a small set of greenhouses located at 572 Simcoe Road, also in Bradford. They called their company 'Peter Ferragine & Sons'. Both the greenhouse and farming business flourished became bigger as time passed.